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Proud Parents

Parent: Harlie
Address: Captain Comics
Adopted: Calista's Nosedive, Mallory, Grin, Tanya, Wildwing, Canard, Phil, Duke and 'To Catch a Thief' Duke
Parent: Carina
Address: http://hometown.aol.com/firestaroflight/myhomepage/profile.html
Adopted: Calista's 'To Catch a Thief' Duke, Nosedive, Canard and Wildwing
Parent: Reona
Address: Smooth Ice - The Mighty Ducks
Adopted: Calista's Wildwing and Nosedive
Parent: Agent Di
Address: The Black Cat's Lair
Adopted: Calista's Duke, Tanya, and "To Catch A Thief" Duke
Parent: Jen
Address: Stardust Enterprises
Adopted: Calista's Duke, Canard and Wildwing
Parent: Crystal Draketon
Address: The Mighty Ducks Galaxy
Adopted: Calista's Casual Duke, Mallory, Nosedive, Grin, Canard and Wildwing
Parent: Crazyfire
Address: Life is Crazy
Adopted: Calista's Tanya, Duke, Mallory, Nosedive, Grin, Canard and Wildwing
Parent: CandyGirl
Address: http://www.angelfire.com/realm2/candygirl/index.html
Adopted: Tanya(Main page), Calista's Tanya (Fanfiction page)
Parent: ToonQueen
Address: ToonQueen's Sprites
Adopted: 'Puck Fiction' Nosedive
Parent: Robina
Address: Coolzoo
Adopted: "To Catch A Thief" Duke, "Puck Fiction" Nosedive, Mallory, "Casual" Wildwing and Canard
Parent: Kaejae
Address: [Kaejae]
Adopted: Casual Mallory
Parent: Kimee
Address: Daringly Different
Adopted: Canard w/ Mask, Wildwing w/ Mask, Duke, Mallory, Tanya, Nosedive, Grin, Klegghorn and Phil
Parent: XxLucretiaxX
Address: Sleepless in New York City
Adopted: Lucretia DeCoy