By Karla Pomfeather

Disclaimer: Dragaunus, Siege and everything related to MD:TAS is © Disney. Used without permission.

So this is what fresh air smells like. I can't say that I like it very much.

A week on this planet and I've yet to become accustomed to it. It's very different from the recycled oxygen of my peoples' homeships. Even the greeneries, with their soothing humidity, are nothing compared to the crisp coolness of this planet.

Too crisp. Too cool. I find myself starting to grow drowsy; I quickly straighten my shoulders and cross my arms to preserve warmth. I am the last Saurian Overlord; I will not show weakness in front of my people by falling asleep from the cold! Never mind that I am alone in my personal office. It's the principle of the matter. Being defeated by mere cold air is unthinkable.

Besides, the heat generators that I created for this planet will be up and running soon. I can wait.

I can wait for the snow to melt, for the plants to dry up and the feathered abominations who live here to start dying of heat stroke. Another form of vengeance in the name of my grandsires.

This entire planet belongs to me now. My, what a heady thought. But I will not make the same mistakes my ancestors did; I intend to conquer this miserable chunk of ice before I conquer its people.

And I will find the Mask of Drake DuCaine, and his Staff, and disintegrate them both. Making sure all his descendants watch. I want to see their collective faces as I destroy their only hope of defeating me.

When that day happens, I can imagine myself almost feeling sorry for them.


Turning away from the window, I call for my engineer, Siege, to find out when the generators will be up and running.

By Kruon's Fang, I hate this air.