Happy Birthday
By Karla Pomfeather

Disclaimer: Wildwing, Nosedive and everything related to MD:TAS is © Disney. Used without permission.

Author's Notes: Tried to get this written in time for the CaI drabble challenge, but alas, it fought me the entire way. The fact that it's not at 100 words irks me mightily.

Word Count: 98

Wildwing stared at his birthday gift for a long moment before looking up at his brother. "Where did you find this?"

Nosedive shrugged and grinned. "Local bazaar. The lady who sold it to me said her twelve year old granddaughter made it."

Wildwing made no reply, opting to run fingers along the quilt's very crooked stitching. Every colour imaginable seemed to have been used, making it almost painful to look upon. Certainly, the other ducks were wincing every time they glanced at it.

"It's beautiful," whispered Wildwing.

Only Nosedive understood the tear that slipped down his brother's cheek.