By Karla Pomfeather

Disclaimer: Wildwing, Nosedive, Grin and everything related to MD:TAS is © Disney. Used without permission.

Author's Notes: Written for the Cool as Ice Drabble Challenge. Topic: Family.

Word Count: 100

It had been a blender experiment gone horribly awry.

Not that Wildwing cared. Currently blocking the kitchen doorway, he watched the two younger drakes clean up the explosion. His look of cross-me-and-I'll-pluck-every-feather-off-your-body was firmly in place.

Nosedive grumbled as he scrubbed the wall. "I can't believe he's making us miss our movie."

"We should all be so fortunate to have family who cares enough to discipline us," replied Grin.

"Oh yeah? Well, it looks like you've just been adopted. Go you."

"Stop yapping!" snapped Wildwing. "Grin, you've been cleaning that spot for three minutes now."

Turning to rinse the mop, neither brother noticed Grin smile.