By Karla Pomfeather

Disclaimer: Tip © me. Darrell © Vicki Eden. Used with permission.

Author's Note: Alternate universe. Written for Vicki. Part of a plot bunny that I may or may not write.

Word Count: 169

Darrell had bought the roof-top condo for when he was in DuCaine Metropolis on business. And because he rather enjoyed looking down at the rest of the city.

But he couldn't explain why he had invited Tip to live there. Or why the Slicer had agreed.

They were currently sitting on opposing sides of a small table out on the balcony, all lights turned off, staring out at the star-filled sky and the mirroring city lights below, and sipping at the pungent green tea Tip was so fond of. It had taken Darrell a full year before he was finally able to drink it without first filling half his mug with sugar.

Neither of them had spoken for nearly two hours now. Occasionally the green-haired drake would get up to refill their cups and replenish the hot water in the samovar, while the younger blond reclined in his chair and went through his cigarette pack, but not a word was exchanged.

Companionship without conversation. It was a nice change.