Dangerous Lizard
By Karla Pomfeather

Disclaimer: Dragaunus, Chameleon and everything related to MD:TAS is © Disney. Used without permission.

Author's Notes: Written for the Cool as Ice Drabble Challenge. Topic: Saurians.

Word Count: 100

Centuries earlier, the changelings had attempted to destroy the Overlords.

Desperate for recognition and respect, they had proven to be a formidable enemy. Only after a hundred years and the near-extinction of their already limited numbers, would the rebellion finally be crushed. The changelings were driven even further down the caste system, their people separated and the majority rendered sterile to keep their population under control.

But no one ever forgot the powers the changelings wielded. Chameleon certainly hadn't.

And as he scampered away from a roaring Dragaunus, his Curly-face still in place, Chameleon knew the others never would, either.