By Karla Pomfeather

Disclaimer: Wildwing, Duke, Tanya, Mallory and everything related to MD:TAS is © Disney. Used without permission.

Author's Notes: Written for the Cool as Ice Drabble Challenge. Topic: Family.

Word Count: 100

"So, you ever going to choose one of them?"

Wildwing looked up from his burger to stare at the older thief. "Excuse me?"

Grinning, Duke picked up one of his longer fries and waved it at Wildwing. "Mallory and Tanya. They're both crazy about you. You gotta pick one of them."

The young captain bit into his burger and chewed thoughtfully before replying. "Thing is, I'm not really attracted to either of them. They're more like family to me. You all are."

Several blocks away, Tanya turned off her communicator. Sadly, she looked at Mallory, who merely sighed in defeat.