By Karla Pomfeather

Disclaimer: Dragaunus, Wildwing © Disney. Used without permission.

Word Count: 135

Absently he smeared the blood between his fingers and thumb, marvelling at its slick warmth and how it almost perfectly blended with the red of his scales. Glancing back down, Dragaunus took in the tall, pale drake who was laid out and strapped down on the cold metal table before him. He smirked cruelly and lowered his hand. "Just think, Captain. We've only just begun."

To his great surprise and annoyance, Wildwing managed to smirk back. "Yeah, we have. But I gotta say, Lizard-Lips, you're not very good at this whole torture thing. Guess you failed it in school, huh?"

The Overlord's response was to plunge his claws into his prisoner's leg. "Oh don't worry," breathed Dragaunus as he watched his victim cry out and writhe in agony, "I have the whole day to learn."