By Karla Pomfeather

Disclaimer: Tip © me.

Word Count: 200

He liked night time best, especially when he travelled.

Away from the bright cities, laying in a pitch-black ditch, with only a breeze and nocturnal creatures scuttling about to break the silence.

And up above...

While there were terms like 'blanket' and 'ocean' to describe the scene above, to him it was more. Larger. Greater. Echoes of some majestic thing he could only catch brief glimpses of. If he stared at them for every moment of his life, he would still never see them all.

There were times, when he breathed deeply and rejoiced at being alive and getting to see them again in all their dancing wonder. There were other times, when he would sob in unrepressed grief for being a mere insignificant thing compared to their eternal grandeur. And there were times, when he could only wonder where he fit in the grand scheme of it all.

But now, with his title and duties keeping him in populated, heavily-lit areas, or deep within huge, miles-deep caverns, they were hidden from him.

It didn't matter. He always saw them again, whenever he closed his eyes.

Because it was only when he saw the stars that he truly felt free.