The Fridge
By Karla Pomfeather

Disclaimer: Lucus is © Lee Shapiro. Sirius is © Scarlett Algee. Nylessa is © Vicki Eden. Used with permission. 2002

Author's Note: This story will make a lot more sense(and be a lot funnier) if a) you know the characters in it; and b) you know about Lucus and that fridge he uses in RPs.

"What the hell is this?"

Lucus glanced up only briefly from the mass of wires and metal that lay before him on the table at which he sat. "I'm sorry?"

Sirius made an impatient gesture towards the large dark object to his right and repeated himself. "This. What is it?"

"That would be the end result of the one and only time I got drunk." Lucus looked up again at the silver-haired drake. "Don't go near it."

Sirius stared at him. "It's a fridge on tank treads, Luc."

"Yes, it is. Congratulations. Would you like a cookie?"

Beside him, Nylessa giggled. "Whatever possessed you to make something like that?"

Lucus sighed. "That's something I'm still trying to figure out."

"So what's this thing do?" asked Sirius.

"Not work."

Nylessa giggled again; Sirius gave an annoyed snort and went back to inspecting the strange appliance. After a moment, he asked without looking back at Lucus, "I don't suppose this thing has any beer in it, huh?"

There was no response to his question, but he heard the sound of Lucus' stool scraping back against the concrete floor. Turning around, Sirius caught a quick glimpse of Lucus running out the door, Nylessa in tow. "Hey! What the hell--"

Behind him, he suddenly heard an ominous rumble. Sirius slowly turned his head to look. The fridge was shaking.

Oh $#!+, he thought.


A few minutes later, after everything had finally calmed down, Lucus poked his head back into the room. "Sirius? You okay?"

"What the #%(* do you think?"

"Hm," Lucus observed. "I'll take that as a no."

Nylessa rushed around Lucus and into the room. "Sirius! What happened--" She stopped abruptly and put her hands to her beak. "Oh, my goodness!'"

"Covered from head to toe in beer," Sirius finished for her.

She didn't reply, but just stood there staring at his wet form with wide eyes, before taking in the rest of the room, which had also been liberally soaked in suds.

Lucus walked around her and solemnly handed Sirius a towel. "Here."

Sirius grabbed the towel. "Why, gee, thanks, Lucus. Nice of you to come back, too." He took an angry swipe at his face. "Why didn't you warn me?"

"In my defence, I did tell you not to go near it."

"You SAID that thing didn't work."

"And obviously it doesn't. It's supposed to pour the drink into a glass."

With a growl, Sirius turned to the door. "I'm leaving before these clothes dry and--" His very wet foot suddenly came out from under him and he hit the floor. Nylessa burst out laughing.

Glaring at her, Sirius snarled, "Is that supposed to be funny?"

"N-no...." She struggled for control. "It's're soaked...and there's beer foam all over you...." Her voice dissolved back into giggles.

Sirius struggled to his feet. "Yuk it up, sweetheart. You're the one who has to ride with me all the way back home." He looked back at Lucus, who hadn't moved. "That thing better not be here the next time I come over."

"The next time you come over, you'll know better than to stand next to that fridge and ask if it has something in it," replied Lucus.

Sirius growled and walked out, shoes squelching the whole way. Nylessa, after saying a quick goodbye to Lucus, followed. Lucus could her laughing at Sirius all the way to the door.

Smiling, Lucus stepped carefully over to the fridge, and reaching around it, pulled the plug out of the wall socket.