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UPDATED: November 23rd, 2003
No, you're not seeing things. This is an actual update. In case of hyperventilation, please breathe into a paper bag.

I really have no excuse for the year-long time period since my last update. I think it's mostly due to my sudden obsession with building webpages for other people(Calista, Jadestar...). Thus, I've been ignoring my own site. And as such, I really don't have much to update *with*. No new stories, no new profiles.
*bows head in shame*
Although...I must note that I *have* actually been updating my adoption site.*shameless plug time* Go click on the little pink banner in the top right-hand corner and check it out!

Well, might as well let you all know what I *do* have for updates....

Stuff this update:

  • Having discovered the everlasting joys of cascading style sheets (Thanks, Cass!), I've redone my entire site. Nothing too radical, just made the overall site more uniform and gave the scrollbar a face-lift.
  • Completely revamped the Gallery page. Now with thumbnails and seperate art pages! Cartloads of new art, too!
  • FINALLY fixed the problem with the Music files. So that page is back up! Whoo!
  • You may have already noticed(considering I did it three months ago) that I revamped the Links page. But, uh...yeah. Revamped the Links page. Also made a seperate 'Link to Me' page, with a few new banners!
  • Got rid of the 'E-mail Me' link and changed it to a 'Contact Me' page. Lots of info on how to stalk me properly. ^_^
  • I have a new Guestbook! I kinda broke the other one *coughs* so I finally caved in and got a new one. Even managed to transfer all the old entries to the new book. Go me!
  • Things to do for next update:

  • Stories, profiles, stories, commission people, stories, subsites, stories....the usual. Blah.
  • Sub Sites:

    Buttons & banners created at:

    Backgrounds taken from: